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The Mini Bean Bag

Filed under: Uncategorized — admin @ 2:36 am April 5, 2014

My buddy Ron was right.

Babies these days have all the best things to grow up with compared to when we were their age.

For example, he was telling me about a friend of his who had this baby bean bag that was amazing. Well, he didn’t have it; he got it for his wife who was about to have a baby girl.

After listening to Ron tell me that the bag kept his friend’s baby comfy, warm and safe at bed or nap time I thought I’d better look into it since my wife Michelle was about to have our first child.

Well, was I ever happy for Ron’s tip.

I found a number of them at the clothing store and bought the two smallest sizes to start thinking we’ll go bigger as the baby grows. The girl at the counter complimented me on my choice saying she used baby bean bags with her little one and shared with me how they work to cuddle up the baby in a fitted fabric bag with just their arms and head sticking out and that it more or less makes the baby sleep on its back. She said there are risks with infants sleeping under even a light bed sheet.

I knew by the time I got home that we needed to rethink the sleeping arrangements we were putting in place for our baby’s nursery and switch to baby bean bags right away.

Years have passed and I’ll tell you, the best thing I did was listen to Ron’s advice, which is why he’s our son’s godfather.

Tankini Maternity Swimwear

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I am so happy that they designed tankini maternity swimwear. I have been pregnant at two very different stages in my life. I had my first two children in my early twenties. When I had them, there were tankinis for swimsuits, not even ones that weren’t maternity, at least not that I remember. You basically had one choice for a maternity swimsuit back then. It was big and loose. I don’t think they made any maternity swimwear that was flattering back then.

Now, my kids are almost grown and I am starting a second family. I know many people find that hard to believe at my age. I could practically be a grandma. This pregnancy falls in the late summer and my other two were winter babies. This is the first time I have ever needed a maternity swimsuit. At my age, I don’t want something that shows too much skin, but I also don’t want something that ages me even more than I already am.

I think the tankini swimsuit is the perfect combination of youth while still being modest. It is important for me to be stylish, but I also don’t want to mortify my older children. I would hate for them to think that I believe that I am their age again. They come in every imaginable color and pattern. They can be very simple or have a little bling making them look more classy and expensive. I probably would have even worn a tankini during my first two pregnancies if the need had arisen and they had been around back them.